Side of Summer Bounty

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The giant yellow squash was sitting on my counter, goading me. “Your sister gave me up for you,” it seemed to say. “Do something with me already.” She just didn’t want you, I thought. You were superfluous. Read more

Turkey Kielbasa Vegetable Hash

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I often use turkey instead of regular fat-laden kielbasa to cut calories. I have found few instances when it isn’t a great substitute. You can’t get away with cooking it quite as long as regular kielbasa because it can get tough. The same goes for turkey smoked sausage. Read more

Arhat’s Fast (or veggie-cashew stir-fry)

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This recipe comes from Chinese Cooking Cantonese by Margaret Leeming. She notes that it’s a modern version of a traditional Buddhist dish. I’ve modified it further to use more fresh vegetables and to make four to six servings. I also skip deep-frying the cashews. I don’t think it loses anything but unneeded fat.  The sauce is wonderful and very simple. I got strange looks from my husband when I once picked up my bowl and drank the remaining sauce like soup. He then offered me his. I’m not saying what I did. But you might want to have a spoon handy for more mannerly consumption. Read more