Apple and Ginger Lentil Salad

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I found this recipe on when I was looking for healthy vegetarian options for soon-to-arrive guests. It met the requirements: Protein, check. Interesting flavor profile, check. Served cold, check (forecasts of 90-degree days). Read more

Butter and Herb French Beans

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I remember canned green beans. And worse, canned mixed vegetables. Can I just say, ew? The memory is not unlike that of recurring nightmares I had as a child.  It’s no wonder that so many of us who encountered that canned mush as kids didn’t like most vegetables. Thank goodness for corn and potatoes! Read more

Roasted Gnocchi and Brussels Sprouts with Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

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I expected to love this dish from and wanted leftovers, so I doubled it for three of us. I didn’t double the gnocchi because of the carbs, and I added protein in the form of four Spinach & Asiago Chicken Sausages from Sam’s Club. Read more

Stir-Fried Vegetables With Gouda

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The recipe says to serve this wonderful concoction on English muffins, which, according to my scribble in the cookbook, is “great.” I experimented this time with serving the cheese-glazed vegetables on better-for-you whole grains. Read more