Seared Ginger Carrots with Thyme and Shallots

Easy Recipes Vegetables Vegetarian


This picture illustrates why I love rainbow carrots. They’re stunning. And this package didn’t contain white, dark orange or red varieties. (and yes, I look at a number of bags to find the one with the best variety. I am that annoying shopper who examines produce carefully before any goes in my cart.)

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Paprika Chicken and Spinach with White Wine Butter Thyme Sauce

Chicken Poultry Recipes Sauces


When I was in school, I took one of those tests where you fill out all the answers and get to the last line, which reads, “After reading this test, please just put your name on the top and do not answer the questions. You should always read the instructions first.”  And there it is, up in the instructions, “Read the test before completing.” Dang.

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Caramelized Peanut Butter and Banana Upside-Down Chocolate Cake

Baked goods Cake Dessert Easy Recipes


This cake might have made Elvis swivel his hips, what with the peanut butter and banana. It’s one of many recipes I want to try from Peanut Butter Comfort by Averie Sunshine.

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Greek Barley with Dates, Walnuts and Spice with Greek Yogurt

Breakfast Dairy Easy Grains nuts Recipes Snacks


I’ve been trying to find healthy breakfasts to have on hand because I have a tendency to just grab a bagel thin with peanut butter on it. Or, if I am running out the door, a power bar that doesn’t stick with me. Great Bowls of Food by Robin Asbell is going to help.

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