Israeli Chopped Salad With Avocado

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This is a good warm-weather salad for when you don’t feel like cooking. If your walnuts are already toasted,* all you have to do to get this salad ready is some quick chopping. Read more

Nut-Crusted Grouper with, uh, Flambe Sauce

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It’s always nice to find out what won’t make you panic. I did something stupid today, but no real harm came of it (though studies show a good scare takes seconds off your life). Read more

Akron’s Diamond Deli Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

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This is my favorite carrot cake. The texture and flavor are just right. A former proprietor of the popular Diamond Deli in downtown Akron shared the recipe with the Beacon Journal years ago, and I haven’t tried a different recipe since. It’s that good. The new owners kept the cake on the menu; otherwise, customers might have staged a mutiny. Read more

Aw, nuts

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I’m nuts about both of these recipes.

I like to keep some kind of flavored nut on hand because they’re great as snacks, party treats or salad toppers. Recently I gave some as hostess gifts, and they were happily received. They seem especially appreciated by those who try to avoid desserts or who watch their carbohydrate intake. Also see the earlier posting on Rosemary Almonds. Read more