Butternut Squash and Spinach Polenta Bowl

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Four favorites come together in this dish: butternut squash, polenta, spinach and, of course, cheese. I also love eating out of bowls, the really rounded kind that fit in your hands just right. This is great, tasty comfort food. Read more

Orange Rosemary Mini-muffins

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The original recipe comes from Elizabeth Alston’s Muffins but I borrow the orange juice glaze from a similar recipe in Sarah Leah Chase’s Nantucket Open House Cookbook. You can eat these as is, as a nice option for a bread basket, or make little appetizers. I have used a small scallop-edged cookie cutter to cut pieces of ham to sandwich between muffin halves with a little mustard. Yum. Chase’s recipe calls for appetizer sandwiches made with duck breast. Read more

Spadaro Pork Chops and Seriously Good Cauliflower

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This is the chop recipe I turn to when I’ve thawed or just bought chops and haven’t given any thought to how I want to cook them till I am in the kitchen saying, “Huh. Time to get cooking.” They’re easy and I always have the ingredients (or close enough). And the pan juices are good enough to spoon up (This is why some of you should be brave and let your foods touch on the plate. . . that’s how I discovered the juices are quite tasty on mashed cauliflower. That recipes follows). Read more

Toasted Rosemary Almonds

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These are a great snack for any adult get-together. They’re pretty fast and easy, too. I like to have nuts around because I have to eat five or six times a day. I haven’t tried this recipe with pecans, but I’m sure it would just as good, if not better. Read more