Bay Scallops Gremolata

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Scallops, mild and succulent, are among my favorite seafoods, but they can be expensive. I jumped at the chance to buy a pound of frozen bay scallops at a great price. Read more

Pumpkin Lentil Curry With Coconut Milk, Spinach and Tomatoes

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I love all kinds of curry: Indian, Thai, Pacific Island, Caribbean. Just give me a bib and a spoon. Read more

Seared Ginger Carrots with Thyme and Shallots

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This picture illustrates why I love rainbow carrots. They’re stunning. And this package didn’t contain white, dark orange or red varieties. (and yes, I look at a number of bags to find the one with the best variety. I am that annoying shopper who examines produce carefully before any goes in my cart.) Read more