Roasted Red Pepper, Chicken and Parmesan Soup

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We really like this flavorful soup. It’s easy and tastes like you’ve worked much harder than you have. That makes it perfect to whip up for friends or family in need of a little TLC. Read more

Relaunching with Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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I have many projects on  my agenda as a new retiree by layoff. Go to Kentucky for our traditional Christmas in January: check. Pack up Christmas decorations: check. Host a lively discussion with the Best Book Group Ever: check (Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain, really good).  Help pack up the life of  my best friend for 30 years in three suitcases and a backpack and send her off to Australia to be deliriously happy: check (sniff).  And relaunch my long-neglected food blog, which thanks to Maria Averion, has a pretty, fresh and professional redesign on my own domain: Check (yay). Read more

Vichyssoise with Zucchini

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With summer waning, I had to sneak in one more batch of  cold vichyssoise to enjoy before crisp fall days take over. It’s not surprising that I love it; I like regular potato soup just out of the fridge, as well as most chowders. It seems decadent, but it doesn’t have to be if you sub the fat-free “half-and-half” on the market (or if you are satisfied with a tiny amount of cream). Read more

Making Chai. . . . . sweet

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Mmmmmm, chai.

I researched chai online and tried a few versions and made changes before I felt as though I hit the jackpot. Some recipes called for more spices — nutmeg, coriander and ginger. I also read that the spices are fat soluble, the author insisting that cream is necessary to bring out all the flavors. Read more