Curried Tortelloni Soup

Easy Fast Pasta Recipes Soup

I tried this recipe on a whim a few years ago, not completely convinced my husband would like it. He isn’t a big fan of curry powder. But he loves this, helped in no small part, I suspect, by the peanut garnish. Read more

Coconut Curry Chickpeas with Wilted Greens

Easy Indian Recipes Vegetables Vegetarian

I am always finding recipes on Pinterest that I want to try. It isn’t as if I forget I have 500 cookbooks. But having all those recipes at my fingertips, scrolling through mostly excellent food photos without leaving the sofa, is so addict… er…convenient. And I love curries, so this one caught my eye. Read more

Thai Vegetable Soup

Asian Blog Recipes Soup Vegetarian

I came up with this once when my husband was at work, which meant I could spice it up as much as I liked with commercially prepared Thai red chili paste. He has acclimated to mild heat over the years, and I now have a little less tolerance. Marriage thrives on compromise, right? Read more

Asian Scallop Soup with Ginger, Coconut and Lime

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This is a really nice, light soup for spring. I had printed this recipe from a while ago and finally decided to try it after finding a pound of sea scallops in the freezer. Read more