Arhat’s Fast (or veggie-cashew stir-fry)

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This recipe comes from Chinese Cooking Cantonese by Margaret Leeming. She notes that it’s a modern version of a traditional Buddhist dish. I’ve modified it further to use more fresh vegetables and to make four to six servings. I also skip deep-frying the cashews. I don’t think it loses anything but unneeded fat.  The sauce is wonderful and very simple. I got strange looks from my husband when I once picked up my bowl and drank the remaining sauce like soup. He then offered me his. I’m not saying what I did. But you might want to have a spoon handy for more mannerly consumption. Read more

Aw, nuts

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I’m nuts about both of these recipes.

I like to keep some kind of flavored nut on hand because they’re great as snacks, party treats or salad toppers. Recently I gave some as hostess gifts, and they were happily received. They seem especially appreciated by those who try to avoid desserts or who watch their carbohydrate intake. Also see the earlier posting on Rosemary Almonds. Read more

Cashew Scones with Maple Butter

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For some reason, this morning I decided to get up a little early and make some scones for the hubby (yeah, like I wasn’t going to have one) before church. Read more