Curried Tortelloni Soup

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I tried this recipe on a whim a few years ago, not completely convinced my husband would like it. He isn’t a big fan of curry powder. But he loves this, helped in no small part, I suspect, by the peanut garnish. Read more

Freeze, basil!

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I read somewhere that you can freeze whole basil leaves to use out of season. I found out today that it works pretty well. I froze some at the end of summer when it was clear I wasn’t going to use up what was in my outdoor pots. It’s also a great way to salvage basil when you buy too much. Read more

Blue Cheese Walnut Spread

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I like to have a cheese spread around when we entertain. They’re generally easy to whip up but look like more work than they are. That makes guests feel special (the way guests should feel). I most recently served these at a church game night at our house (OK, it was a month ago, but “I’m a little behind,” as late co-worker Bill Bierman used to quip.) Read more