Asian Scallop Soup with Ginger, Coconut and Lime

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This is a really nice, light soup for spring. I had printed this recipe from a while ago and finally decided to try it after finding a pound of sea scallops in the freezer. Read more

Arhat’s Fast (or veggie-cashew stir-fry)

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This recipe comes from Chinese Cooking Cantonese by Margaret Leeming. She notes that it’s a modern version of a traditional Buddhist dish. I’ve modified it further to use more fresh vegetables and to make four to six servings. I also skip deep-frying the cashews. I don’t think it loses anything but unneeded fat.  The sauce is wonderful and very simple. I got strange looks from my husband when I once picked up my bowl and drank the remaining sauce like soup. He then offered me his. I’m not saying what I did. But you might want to have a spoon handy for more mannerly consumption. Read more