Spanish Tortilla and Romesco Sauce

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It had been on my mind for years to make a Spanish tortilla, which is nothing like the tortillas familiar to most Americans. It’s basically a frittata that features potatoes. Read more

Quinoa With Papaya, Orange and Honey

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I found this recipe in Jason Roberts’ Good Food Fast while I was looking for breakfasts that could be made ahead and assembled quickly by me and our early-rising house guest. Read more

Watermelon, Feta and Arugula Salad

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Until we ate at Panera recently, all the pictures I’d seen of watermelon feta salad hadn’t persuaded me to try it. It just didn’t appeal to me. Now I am sorry I waited. I loved Panera’s version, with an arugula base, dotted with juicy watermelon cubes, crumbled feta, a handful of toasted almond slices and a sprinkling of ancient grains. I was eager to see what I could come up with at home. Read more

Two Spreads: Hummus and Chutney Cream Cheese

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We really like (and miss)  Tommy’s in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights; they serve their hummus with Cheddar melted on top. That and one of their spinach pies makes a heavenly meal. Read more