Bobby J’s Tomato, Spinach and Blue Cheese Soup

Appetizer Dairy Easy Fast Lunch Soup Vegetables

This soup was amazing on a recent rainy winter day. I find this flavor combination heavenly, but you can replace some of the blue cheese with goat cheese or cream cheese if blue is too strong for you. Brandy adds richness and depth of flavor. Read more

Sausage, Potato and Spinach Soup

Chowder Easy Fast Pork Poultry Soup Vegetables

This homey soup is hearty and simple. The original recipe is from; I adapted the version offered by The Candid Appetite. Dicing the vegetables means the soup cooks faster, making it a good weeknight meal for busy people. Read more

Roasted Red Pepper, Chicken and Parmesan Soup

Easy Recipes Soup Vegetables

We really like this flavorful soup. It’s easy and tastes like you’ve worked much harder than you have. That makes it perfect to whip up for friends or family in need of a little TLC. Read more

Leek, Chicken Sausage and Split Pea (or Lentil) Soup

Easy Grains Pasta Recipes Soup

This hearty soup was quite satisfying. It’s a Katie Workman recipe that was printed in the  Louisville Courier-Journal (thanks, mom-in-law). Read more