Ham, Pecan and Blue Cheese Pasta Salad

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I love summer salads, especially this pasta salad. The flavors seem perfectly matched: salty but slightly sweet ham, pungent blue cheese, fragrant rosemary, crunchy pecans. Read more

Leek, Chicken Sausage and Split Pea (or Lentil) Soup

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This hearty soup was quite satisfying. It’s a Katie Workman recipe that was printed in the  Louisville Courier-Journal (thanks, mom-in-law). Read more

Curried Tortelloni Soup

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I tried this recipe on a whim a few years ago, not completely convinced my husband would like it. He isn’t a big fan of curry powder. But he loves this, helped in no small part, I suspect, by the peanut garnish. Read more

Pizza Pasta Salad

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This is one of my go-to pasta salads, and I most recently made  it for a Memorial Day cookout with my family. I usually buy a red pepper-parmesan  vinaigrette for the dressing, but I couldn’t find it this time and was forced to make up my own. I ended up with a better pasta salad, so it was worth that little bit of extra work. Read more