Shepherd’s Stew with Dumplings

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I came across this goody in my stack of untried soup recipes. It’s from the Food Network Kitchen’s The Chopped Cookbook: Use What You’ve Got to Cook Something Great. The recipe, a take on the classic Shepherd’s Pie*, says it takes 50 minutes to make, and that is about right. But contestants never get that much time on the Chopped TV show. Maybe the cookbook allows extra time for home cooks who are just as manic because we are making additional dishes. Read more

Turkey Kielbasa Vegetable Hash

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I often use turkey instead of regular fat-laden kielbasa to cut calories. I have found few instances when it isn’t a great substitute. You can’t get away with cooking it quite as long as regular kielbasa because it can get tough. The same goes for turkey smoked sausage. Read more

Pork Chops (or tenderloin) with Herbes de Provence

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The first time I made this, I had thawed pork chops without a cooking plan, and didn’t have fresh rosemary* to use in my go-to chop dish (see Spadaro pork chops). I found this similar recipe from the Mayo Clinic while flipping through a pile of “recipes to try.” Those that don’t make the grade go into the recycling bin or become scrap paper. This was darned tasty, quick AND easy; definitely a keeper.  Read more