Spanish Tortilla and Romesco Sauce

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It had been on my mind for years to make a Spanish tortilla, which is nothing like the tortillas familiar to most Americans. It’s basically a frittata that features potatoes. Read more

Sesame Chicken With Apricot-Mustard Sauce

Appetizer Asian Blog Chicken Easy Recipes

I used to fill our dining room table (sometimes adding a leaf) with appetizers and desserts for our parties. I planned for weeks and  cooked for days. Some people thought I was crazy (and maybe I was), but they were sure to come. Read more

Vichyssoise with Zucchini

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With summer waning, I had to sneak in one more batch of  cold vichyssoise to enjoy before crisp fall days take over. It’s not surprising that I love it; I like regular potato soup just out of the fridge, as well as most chowders. It seems decadent, but it doesn’t have to be if you sub the fat-free “half-and-half” on the market (or if you are satisfied with a tiny amount of cream). Read more