Creamy Spinach and Lentils

Easy Legumes Recipes Vegetables Vegetarian

This recipe caught my eye recently on Pinterest. I try to cook vegetarian meals a few times a week because research shows it’s good for the planet and people. Plus, we like the variety. Joe likes to say, “It’s good and good for me.” So dang cute. Read more

Spanish Tortilla and Romesco Sauce

Appetizer Brunch Flexible Vegetables Vegetarian

It had been on my mind for years to make a Spanish tortilla, which is nothing like the tortillas familiar to most Americans. It’s basically a frittata that features potatoes. Read more

Gnocchi Skillet with Tomatoes, Chicken Sausage and Basil

Chicken Easy Recipes Vegetables

When I collect recipes, they often languish for a while (sometimes years) before I try them. Witness my 16 three-ring binders packed with untried recipes. But not this one. We recently defrosted our basement freezer and came across a package of chicken sausage among the forgotten treasures. Then I found this recipe on Pinterest. Read more

Bay Scallops Gremolata

Recipes Seafood

Scallops, mild and succulent, are among my favorite seafoods, but they can be expensive. I jumped at the chance to buy a pound of frozen bay scallops at a great price. Read more