Spadaro Pork Chops and Seriously Good Cauliflower

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This is the chop recipe I turn to when I’ve thawed or just bought chops and haven’t given any thought to how I want to cook them till I am in the kitchen saying, “Huh. Time to get cooking.” They’re easy and I always have the ingredients (or close enough). And the pan juices are good enough to spoon up (This is why some of you should be brave and let your foods touch on the plate. . . that’s how I discovered the juices are quite tasty on mashed cauliflower. That recipes follows). Read more

Two Spreads: Hummus and Chutney Cream Cheese

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We really like (and miss)  Tommy’s in the Coventry area of Cleveland Heights; they serve their hummus with Cheddar melted on top. That and one of their spinach pies makes a heavenly meal. Read more

Crab Chowder

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This chowder is tasty and creamy without being too guilt-inducing. I  made a few changes to a recipe from Fresh and Simple Quick-Simmering Soups from Better Homes and Gardens. (I like the whole Fresh and Simple series, which includes Pasta Pronto, 5 O’Clock Grill and Super Suppers). Read more

Blue Cheese Walnut Spread

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I like to have a cheese spread around when we entertain. They’re generally easy to whip up but look like more work than they are. That makes guests feel special (the way guests should feel). I most recently served these at a church game night at our house (OK, it was a month ago, but “I’m a little behind,” as late co-worker Bill Bierman used to quip.) Read more