Freeze, basil!

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I read somewhere that you can freeze whole basil leaves to use out of season. I found out today that it works pretty well. I froze some at the end of summer when it was clear I wasn’t going to use up what was in my outdoor pots. It’s also a great way to salvage basil when you buy too much. Read more

Summer vegetable soup

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It might sound odd to eat soup in the summer, but this is wonderful barely warm or at room temperature. It’s also healthful and takes advantage of some of the bounty of your (or someone else’s) garden. This is great with a crusty bread or cornbread. (See earlier posts on Stilton Parmesan Bread and Spinach Feta Bread.)
I admit that I made this before the really long, miserable hot spell we had in the Midwest – not the best time for cooking up a pot of soup. I’m just way behind in my posting. Read more

Spadaro Pork Chops and Seriously Good Cauliflower

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This is the chop recipe I turn to when I’ve thawed or just bought chops and haven’t given any thought to how I want to cook them till I am in the kitchen saying, “Huh. Time to get cooking.” They’re easy and I always have the ingredients (or close enough). And the pan juices are good enough to spoon up (This is why some of you should be brave and let your foods touch on the plate. . . that’s how I discovered the juices are quite tasty on mashed cauliflower. That recipes follows). Read more

Herb Roasted Pork Loin

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This is one of those perfect company entrees: You do most of the work ahead of time, it’s easy, it looks impressive and tastes great. My dinner party menus used to have me in the kitchen till serving time. While that still happens on occasion, I now crave more time with the guests. Read more