Peach Pie Scones With a Vanilla Glaze

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My favorite thing about summer is the produce. Yellow, sweet Rainier cherries, refreshing watermelon, farm-fresh corn and tomatoes, and peaches. Read more

Best Lemon Sugar Cookies

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 My initial sentence on this when I first uploaded the picture was, “For some reason, lemons give me hope for spring.” Then I typed in the recipe and that was all she wrote, so to speak. Read more

Skipper’s Linguine

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Joe and my father love this dish. And I like it, too (a la Irish Spring soap commercial). I guess for them it’s hard to go wrong with bacon, seafood and pasta. The recipe is from the ’80s cookbook Better Homes and Gardens’ Fish & Seafood. I’ve added my changes, which include using turkey bacon except on special occasions and cutting back on the butter. Read more

The best macaroni and cheese

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What happened to fall? I’ve been too busy with other things to do any blogging. It looks like the key may be getting up before anyone else. Read more