Tortellini Salad With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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This is a recipe I make a lot. It’s very flexible; sometimes I use rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes, sometimes oil-packed. Sometimes I throw in cooked chicken. I don’t measure anything but the dressing ingredients. People always like it, and it’s pretty easy. That’s a winner in my book.
Most recently I made it to take to a double baby shower; it was for two co-workers who are due a day apart. Read more

Summer Pasta Salad with Roasted Vegetables

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This recipe makes a veritable vat of pasta salad. As much as we liked it, I knew it was too much for the two of us to eat in a reasonable time, so I trucked some to my book club potluck, and they seemed to enjoy it, too. Read more

Salmon Pasta Salad

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This recipe, a favorite warm-weather dish, is from Seafood Pasta and Noodles, The New Classics by Rosina Tinari Wilson. In addition to wonderful recipes, it contains beautiful watercolor illustrations by Marlene McLoughlin.

Sometimes I make all the parts of the salad the day before, and combine them quickly the next morning. I try to jam it back in the fridge before I “taste” too much of it. Something about fusilli is very appealing, besides the fact that the word sounds a bit like “feel silly.”
Use a fat-free mayonnaise substitute, and it’s a more healthful dish. We like to eat it on a bed of salad greens. Read more